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    New website welfare of YITONG DESIGN

    [USA building guide book] electronic version download

    Research on office mode of creative garden

    A guide book for the garden-creative office design for the professional staff .

    Through in-depth analysis of the concrete measures,related support and popularization system of the garden office 5 product to construct a propagable garden-creative office system.

    Research on modern style commercial street

    A guide book for the modern characteristic block commerce design for the professional staff .

    Based on the analysis of the four plates of the form, space, construction and situation, the guide book expounds the concrete construction measures of the modern characteristic block commerce.

    YITONG - hybrid building first season (2014.04.03)

    What is a hybrid building? Why is there a hybrid building? Answer this season.

    YITONG - hybrid building second season (2014.11.03)

    This is the best of times, 

    it was the worst of times;

    This is our time, 

    this is the era of hybrid architecture make the mare go.

    YITONG - hybrid building third season (2015.03.03)

    The vast world, has much to offer, but the designer need some cheats.

    To see the invincible strategy of hybrid architecture.

    We are realistic, we are the ideal person.